Who we are

Agit-Pop Communications is an award-winning one-stop creative studio delivering strategic messaging, cutting edge New Media and boots-on-the-ground campaigning to the progressive netroots.We make web videos, TV ads, interactive games and widgets; we also stage real-world hijinx and media stunts; and we work that sweet spot in between, creating on-line/off-line synergy that can make your campaign pop.Whether we’re bringing viral buzz to MoveOn, Avaaz or other big names in the netroots, or hand-crafting more issue-specific efforts for the likes of MoxyVote or the Center for Constitutional Rights, we deliver for our clients.With decades of experience in viral messaging, creative direct action and video production, our team has a proven track record of quickly turning around quality work that strikes a chord with the on-line public.We’ve won a Webby, two Contagious Festivals, Best Political Prank of 2009, YouTube’s Best Political Video of 2007, and the grudging respect of our enemies.

Our Approach

Agit-Pop is that rare bird: an anti-corporate company, and this paradox buys our clients a unique set of skills. We’re as professional as an ad agency, as irreverent as a comedy troupe, and as commited as a revolutionary cell. “Real artists,” Steve Jobs once said, “ship on time.” That’s us.We nail the tech; we rock the creative, but we’re all about the politics. We’re in this business to knee “The Man” right in his funnybone with popular agitation for the digital masses.You could call our approach ‘Radical Mainstream.’ To reach people you’ve got to speak to their deepest held values and meet them where they’re at. Good politics alone are not enough. Sexy, engaging and funny messaging with state of the art tools and a finger on the pulse of pop culture can cut through the ether and inspire people to take action.Shake it up. Make it pop.

Our History

Agit-Pop was founded in 2006 by John Sellers, Andrew Boyd and Andy Menconi. John comes out of a direct action background with Greenpeace and The Ruckus Society. Andrew, a long-time culture-jammer, started Billionaires for Bush and was an early pioneer of viral campaigning. Andy is a punk rocker who scaled the heights of international finance but couldn’t stop moonlighting as a subversive video producer. The three met once in 2007, and were so horribly scarred by the experience they now communicate only via Skype and carrier pigeon.In 2007, Avaaz tapped us to help launch their global grassroots network. The resulting music video, Stop the Clash of Civilizations, garnered over 2 million views, 64,000 comments, and won YouTube’s Best Political Video of 2007. Its “twitchy” multi-media collage look and feel quickly became one of our signature styles.In 2008 we expanded our offerings to include web ads, 3-D graphics, interactive campaign widgets, and stand-alone custom video players. In 2009 we entered the healthcare reform fight in a significant way, issuing a white paper on how creative action could help shift the momentum back towards reform. Major players including MoveOn and HCAN took us up on our ideas and we delivered a flurry of impactful on- and off-line interventions. As 2012 gets under way, Agit-Pop is cranking full tilt. But whether we’re knocking out TV spots to overturn the Supreme Court’s disastrous “Citizens United” ruling, reinventing creative direct action for the post-Teaparty era, or wowing the New York Times with our web-animation chops, we’ll pick up the phone if you call. So, please call.